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"Colonizer" is a vivid takedown of paradox and cultural appropriation in pop, at moments evoking a rhythmic and thematic heir to Nicolas Jaar's "No." Like first single "False Flag," and much of the rest of the group's forthcoming album DUMB, "Colonizer" straddles the cerebral and the visceral with chilling precision. - Noisey/Vice

"False Flag," the new song from New York's HDLSS, immediately conjures a very specific image of purity: the American Bandstand era, soundtracked by Phil Spector's Wall of Sound. Yes, The Ronettes were searching for something real on "Be My Baby," but "False Flag," a clear descendent of that classic hit, contemplates the cost of hard truths and what they look like. - The FADER

“On their debut 5 song EP, each track takes on a distinct personality… Their sequences are sprawling, soundbites upon soundbites strung together into songs… It’s amazing what two musicians are capable of when they put their collective lack of a head together.” - MTV

"Sharp, smart, and full of unavoidable hooks.. there is something shadowy and haunted about their approach”   -Stereogum

“…well-placed handclaps, sick beats and exuberant vocals place this New York duo high on my list.” - NPR

“The music maintains the intimacy of an acoustic singer-songwriter set, while exploding that sound with static, glitch and electronics, plus an extensive repertoire of instruments…[they] have the potential and ambition to become infamous in their own right.” - NY Press

“Seemingly sprinting towards greatness, [they] are doing things their own way.”- Filter Magazine

“…not leaning on a particular style, the tracks show off a compelling mix of indie rock, doo-wop, R&B and pop.” - Time Out New York

"...syncopated beat[s] that dare you to try and dance to it... hum-it-to-yourself-on-the-subway catchy." - Prefix Magazine

“Instead of opting for seemingly standard-issue sampling effects produced by using a keyboard, the two craft their bubbly beats and bits using collage editing techniques.” - WNYC

"I never found out what happened to this band - there was some kind of buzz/hype around them, and then... they just disappeared. I still listen to their music though..." -4chan /b/